8 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch

21st August 2018 | 3 min read

blog-posts21-8 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch

Women have caught the entrepreneurial bug and there’s no stopping them. They’re here to take control of their careers, be their own bosses and create a life they’re proud of. We’ve rounded up 8 female entrepreneurs who continue to inspire and motivate us.

1. Pam Bateson, Co-Founder, Thrive Partners

Pam co-founded Thrive Partners, an on-demand training service for professional and personal coaching. An expert coach and mentor in business, Pam trains other in Masters level qualifications and supervising coaching. She has worked within the NHS, retail, hotels, construction, media, agencies, education and public sector. Pam specialises in mentoring, coaching, change management and much more. Alongside this Pam has designed change programmes that connect projects, outcomes, training and coaching.

2. Melissa Wells, Founder, The Green Goddess

After suffering for 7 years with an eating disorder, Mel decided to tackle the ongoing battle women are having with their bodies. In 2015 Mel launched The Green Goddess Life and Academy, in doing so she has helped hundreds of women embrace their bodies and have a comfortable relationship with food. Aside from this she runs popular retreats in the UK and Bali.

3. Jenn Hyman, Founder, Rent the Runway

Jenn has made it easier for women to achieve a designer look at an affordable cost with Rent the Runway. The site allows women to rent fashionable designer clothing and eliminates the stress (and cost) of shopping for clothes.

4. Morgan DeBaun, Founder, Blavity

Blavity is a tech and media company founded by Morgan DeBaun. Morgan has an audience of over seven million readers per month and believes in inspiring and motivating black millennials and built Blavity to make a difference by shaping conversations and shining a light on the black millennial community.

5. Pippa Murray, Founder, Pip & Nut

Pippa founded Pip & Nut 3 years ago, an all-natural, nutritious nut butter. It’s the UK’s fastest growing nut butter brand and can be found in 5 international markets and over 5000 stores across the UK and Europe. Pippa was recently featured in the Forbes 2018 30 under 30.

6. Louise Leolin, Founder, DinoByte Labs

At just 24 Louise founded DinoByte Labs, an indie games company that creates games with the players in mind. She offers consultancy to companies on different aspects of the design stages. DinoByte consults on everything from game design to user experience and branding. Louise focuses on the female gaming experience and how it can be improved.

7. Jessi Baker, Founder, Provenance

Jessi believes everyone should know where their food comes from and she founded Provenance on this belief. The London-based startup provides food and beverage businesses the technology to allow their customers to know exactly where their food is grown, produced and processed.

8. Ade Hassan, Founder, Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin was built on the frustration Ade experienced when shopping for lingerie as a woman of colour, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created her own line of lingerie and hosiery, specifically designed for women of all colours. Nubian Skin was a huge hit from the start and currently sits on the shelves of most of the major retailers around the world.