A Visual Tour of LABS Holborn

10th October 2017 | 3 min read

Hogarth-windows1-A Visual Tour of LABS Holborn

People who come to Hogarth House are impressed with the space. The LABS Holborn campus begins with Hogarth House, which is part of the conservation area, just a minute away from Holborn station and provides central London office space for businesses of any size. An impressive seven-storey building housing dynamic open-plan lounges, coworking space, meeting rooms and private offices, complete with double-height raised ceilings and original brick walls.

But first, location 

The geographical location of each LABS building plays an integral part of the interior design; we always start by determining what’s special about the area and what kind of ‘second home’ to build for the businesses that will be based here. In addition, we think about how we can digest the physical characteristics and natural charm of the existing architecture and replicate it in the decor, furniture and atmospheric vibe. This is how our buildings differentiate from one another and nearby Holborn office space, whilst keeping to our high standards throughout.


The best of both worlds

When it comes to space, balance is key. At LABS, we help businesses of any size to grow, meaning our Holborn office space offers a variety in terms of environment so as to match them. Leading guidelines for this type of design include:

  • Spaces to encourage collaboration, interaction and community: coffee bars, long tables and large, spacious seating areas
  • Spaces to encourage productivity and motivation: private offices, meeting rooms, corner sofas and booths
  • Multi-functional space with smart lighting and positioning of furniture: lounge turned event space or meeting room turned conference area


Inspiring creative energy

It’s not just the founders who need inspiration – everyone does. The traditional raised ceilings and industrial brick walls combined with contemporary furniture, chic lighting, exotic array of plants and quirky artwork generates beautiful surroundings that enrich and nurture blue sky thinking, without the loss of productivity. Key staple guidelines include:

  • Fresh, modern design set to inspire
  • Championing young, local artists to showcase their artwork
  • Decor and design quirks that reflect the surrounding location  

Being called LABS, there’s an obvious choice of theme already! However, you won’t find lab coats or bunsen burners hanging around. This required a more subtle and playful approach; spot the theme flowing through the meeting rooms and find the occasional science-themed objects within the building.

We teamed up with a number of celebrated design experts to help us form our unique, innovative environment. These include West Elm, Swoon Editions, Billiani, Patch and Broken Fingaz.


Events to remember 

Look no further for your next central London event space! From company off-sites and hackathons, to drink receptions and conferences, LABS’ event spaces both inspire and impress attendees. Every event package at LABS includes:

  • State-of-the-art space
  • Projector, speakers and microphones
  • Free WiFi
  • Preferred catering partners
  • An experienced Event Coordinator on hand at all times

Good things to come

This Holborn office space is just the beginning of the LABS campus. More coworking space and a bigger community is to come to make Holborn the new destination for the modern worker.