Box your way out of stress

29th October 2021 | 3 min read

welcome to the art of boxing; welcome to the sweet science


By Manya Klempner, Founder of The Boxing House (Rathbone Boxing Club & Camden Boxing Club)

Many of us are very busy professionally and personally.  It can seem nearly impossible to escape the demands and pressures of one’s job and family.

There’s always a “to-do” list at the back of our minds and the concerns about having forgotten to do something important. It’s the usual stress that inevitably comes as part and parcel of being a successful individual. I, personally, advocate active mindfulness, to help deal with everyday activities, but it’s also important to find a release for any tension so it doesn’t build-up.

This is where boxing can make a major difference, the benefits of boxing stretch far and wide! The physical benefits are obvious, but the mental benefits are somewhat elusive until you give it a go yourself.

So welcome to the art of boxing; welcome to the sweet science. There’s truly nothing like it.

For some people it’s all about the workout, while others appreciate the opportunity to take out their frustrations on a bag.  There are also clients who get a sense of empowerment from being encouraged to hit something, and then to hit it harder. Many though enjoy the intellectual stimulation of learning new skills and tactics.

Indeed, when you’re boxing it is impossible to think of anything apart from the activity immediately at hand. During a class you’re focusing on learning a new skill and practicing it. If sparring you’re thinking about blocking a punch or better yet, landing one!

And at the end of a session, you’ll have sweat, you’ll have learned something, you’ll have gotten out of your head for an hour, you’ll experience the immediate gratification of having worked out and you’ll have post-workout endorphins swirling around.

Although most importantly, at least to me, you’ll have escaped from your life for an hour, as in truly and completely checked out. You’ll also experience a catharsis that is rare these days and feel regenerated and relieved.

You will also have gotten a full body workout. Your arms, abs, legs… muscles you didn’t even know you had will hurt “so good”.  We often hear “no pain, no gain” and you’ll be fully aware of how much you’ve gained. It never fails, ever.

In short, boxing is a proper and intense distraction from the everyday. No matter what your level, ability or commitment it will inevitably capture your attention and I promise, you will be hooked. That’s why they call it the boxing bug!

There’s a popular adage about boxing which we have on our wall:

Boxing is a kind of magic.

It gives discipline to the wild.

Strength to the weak.

Confidence to the shy.

I dare you to prove it wrong and to give you the opportunity to do this, new clients are welcome to take advantage of our Intro Offer:  2 Credits + 1 Buddy Credit for £30. There are no joining fees and no long-term commitment involved with this offer, but it’s an opportunity to experience our newest club in Camden’s Hawley Wharf and for us to showcase our talents. Visit Camden Boxing Club to find out more.