Introducing our first group of Camden-based entrepreneurs

19th August 2021 | 4 min read

Meet the entrepreneurs, who have been selected to join LABS through our collaboration with Camden Council.

We’re pleased to be welcoming our first group of entrepreneurs, who have been selected to join LABS through our collaboration with Camden Council.

From the beginning of September they will be based in LABS Atrium with access to our facilities and events.

If you are interested in meeting any of our exciting, new entrepreneurs, please email us on [email protected]

The Entrepreneurs


Oromia Coffee Company join Labs Camden

Demissie Tulu

Born from his desire to democratise the global coffee market, Demissie created Buna Oromia Coffee Company to provide development and poverty eradication opportunities to Ethiopian communities through Fairtrade coffee production and trading.

In an industry that is heavily monopolised by multinational corporations, Demissie intends to use his company to build a network of self-help cooperatives in Ethiopia with direct links to UK-based wholesalers, supermarkets and consumers. This ethical trading link will enable farmers to sell their high-quality produce directly with clients with less market influence and interference, allowing them to charge accordingly and boost their profits. This additional money can then be used to further develop communities in need.



Lucia Dube

Lucia is the founder of ORAIDC, a Camden-based consultancy that specialises in developing the presence of African Diaspora businesses in the U.K.

Its business model focuses on retail, import/export trading and administrative support services, with the aim to bring world-class African products and services to local U.K. communities.


The co-founders of Grab It, join Labs Camden

The co-founders of Grab It, join Labs Camden

Radek Tober & Alex Khawaja

Alex Khawaja and Radek Tober are the co-founders of Grab It, a new software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows construction trade professionals in London to purchase and deliver essential tools, parts and materials on-site within 40 minutes using zero-emission electric vehicles.

Passionate about technology, social causes and reducing our impact on the environment, Alex and Radek intend for the business to provide greener, more efficient solutions to the construction industry. The success of the company would result in fewer petrol-based vehicles on the road, budget savings through quick delivery, and a wider selection of products for clients that can be easily sourced via a user-friendly app.

Floriane Lallement

Floriane Lallement is a professional singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, model, life coach and entrepreneur. She is developing plans to write, create and record self-help training courses that improve the quality of life for other people.

Floriane’s platform explores the relationship between, entertainment, the arts, and personal development. By interviewing notable members of the creative industries and analysing songs, movies, TV shows to illustrate the impact they can have on human life, she aims to make personal development fun, engaging and easily accessible.


Sankofa Storytelling Arts join Labs Camden

Vanessa Browne

Sankofa Storytelling Arts is an applied theatre and participatory drama organisation founded by Vanessa Browne. The business has two main functions – engaging with schools on a national level with its unique systems-based thinking curriculum and engaging with the local community by hosting Sankofa Ology, an applied theatre and storytelling festival.

This year’s festival was due to be sponsored by British Land’s Regent’s Place campus had it been able to go ahead, but Vanessa is already planning for summer 2022. COVID-19 has had a major impact on the events industry, but Vanessa looks forward to curating a bigger and better festival next year, that will bring together collective stories, experiences and holistic approaches to create a dynamic programme for all age groups.


Nanouche Umeadi

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, mother of two Nanouche is a start-up business owner and founder of Diverse Inclusive Solutions, a race and diversity consultancy that runs workshops and initiatives for schools to support them in anti-racist policy and education.

Diverse Inclusive Solutions offers tailored services for pupils, parents and staff to help provide racial literacy and de-stigmatise discussions about race


AcademiaOne join Labs Camden

Victor Kovalets

Victor is the founder of AcademiaOne, an education organisation for international and oversees students that provides vital resources to support the learning and development of foreign students in the UK education system.

The company provides online courses in a variety of areas such as higher-education application support and writing and language lessons. The aim is to give foreign prospective students as much support as possible when navigating the complexities of UK-based education while helping them reach their full academic potential.