8th March 2022 | 4 min read


For International Women’s Day we, at LABS, are shining the spotlight on some our brilliant female members.

Please meet Sarah Hyde, Founder of House of Hyde, a luxury marketing agency whose clients include US Hard Seltzer brand Truly, Home House members club and Great Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame.

Sarah established House of Hyde in 2019 after returning from Dubai where she was the managing director for a hospitality group from 2017. Prior to that she worked in marketing for several hospitality brands including Mahiki, Boujis and W Hotel.


Here is our Q&A with her on being a female business leader.


What have been the challenges of establishing and leading a business as a woman and what have been the opportunities?

The hospitality sector can be quite a male dominated industry and a lot of House of Hyde’s clients are hospitality brands, so it can mean working with some strong men. Access to female founders was also more difficult to find.

This has meant though that I have been able to bring a feminine energy to clients.

Setting up my own company has also provided me with the ability to create a business with a modern culture – diversity and equality for women, helping to change the norm, as well as build the business the way I want to, which provides me with the opportunity to inspire other young women too.


Who inspires you and why?  

Oprah Winfrey – she’s a powerhouse. Super successful and spiritual. She represents to me the modern women.


How have you developed your leadership skills and confidence? What advice have you for other women looking to do so?

To develop my personal leadership skills and confidence I’ve exposed myself to public speaking by agreeing to host events and talks, as well as ensured I read relevant books to help and learn from my mentors. Additionally, I make sure I lead a balanced life so that I can lead well at work, taking time out and doing a variety of activities, such as walks in nature.

I’d advise others looking to develop themselves to attend panel discussions on relevant topics to them, listen to podcasts and to reach out to the women who inspire you and aim to meet with the for a coffee. Also make sure you pay attention to those above you and learn from them.


What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Thinking that a masculine leadership style is a more successful one.


What are the benefits to having women in leadership roles?

Women leaders are able to bring more empathy to the role, a different perspective and a feminine energy.

Women seeing other women in leadership roles also helps to break down the barriers for others.


How do you balance career, personal life and passions in a leadership role? Is there such a thing as balance and is it achievable?

Yes, there absolutely is such a thing as balance and you need to make this a priority.

Focusing on spirituality and meditation is something I regularly do, and I make sure to spend time with my friends and family.

I also try to avoid emails on Sundays and schedule in me time in the calendar and would recommend others try this.


How can women support other women in their organisations?  

Mentoring, listening and speaking up are ways women can support other women whether its within their organisations or others.


This year’s IWD theme is about breaking the bias. What strategies can work well to promote inclusion and equality in the workplace?

Feedback and communication is a vital part of promoting equality and inclusion in the workplace. You need to be able to have open conversations about these topics to make sure all issues are addressed.

Additionally, people feeling that they can speak up if an issue does develop in the workplace that hinders equality and inclusion needs to embedded in a company’s culture.


What advice do you have for women looking to establish and/or grow their own business or within the company they work for?

  • Be confident.
  • Feel the fear but do it anyway as what’s the worst that can happen?
  • Talk to mentors.
  • Take time to plan before you execute.
  • Connect to your desires within and be brave, make them happen.
  • Never stop learning and growing – whether that’s at work or in your personal life.
  • You get one life, go for it, make it count.
  • Watch inspirational people on Instagram, YouTube.
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • Don’t listen to the people telling you not to go for it, they are putting their fears on to you.