Priti Depala on Designing for the Digital Space

2nd February 2023 | 3 min read

LABS_Priti-BlogHeader-Priti Depala on Designing for the Digital Space

LABS Camden Entrepreneur In Residence, Priti Depala, a digital design artist with a passion for exploring different methods of communication from packaging and branding to UX/UI chats to us about her entrepreneurial journey.


Priti Depala is from London and a graduate of Shillington College of Graphic Design. Her projects include designing a jobs board website, creating a website where those with mental health challenges can arrange to spend time with a therapy dog and creating and improving the UX/UI features of an app which rewards daily steps with a new-generation currency.


You might have seen her work at selected Tube stations in 2021 as Priti was selected from thousands of entries, illustrating a poem written by real life London commuters, using colourful, hand-drawn illustrative type. As well as being passionate about all things digital design, Priti is also interested in photography. That process of expressing her thoughts in captured images also comes in handy as inspiration for a lot of her graphic design projects. Here she tells us her story about becoming an entrepreneur…


What made you decide to start-up your own business and become an entrepreneur?

“I wanted to create a business where I could be free, both creatively and physically with no restrictions. I wanted the opportunity to create and work with the clients I want to work with and do things I love.”


Please describe the key aspects of your business.

“I take concepts from start to finish, turning the visions of businesses and business owners into reality. I specialise in digital design, UX/UI, branding and motion design, as well as digital illustration. I work closely with my clients to bring their ideas to life across various formats.”


What have you learnt from starting up your business?

“My confidence has grown, I am proud of the work I do and I’m confident in my skills. I can now pitch to clients and discuss their needs without feeling worried or anxious.”


What have been the opportunities you have found in becoming an entrepreneur?

“I have had the opportunity to work with large brands on their design projects. I have gained some incredible experience working with big names, such as Boots and RBS.”


And what have been the challenges?

“Building a client base from scratch has been tough. I had to learn to market myself in a way I hadn’t done before. I was so used to being in a normal 9-5 situation, where the client work was handed to you, but now I have to find it on my own. I have built quite a good database and a great reputation, but it’s been tough!”


Looking ahead, what are your goals for Priti Designs?

“My goal is to have one of my designs, illustrations, or projects displayed on a billboard in Times Square. I have reached a point in my business where there is the potential for this dream to become a reality!”


Are you looking for funding/expansion opportunities currently?

“Next year I will be looking for funding and expansion, as Priti Designs continues to grow and offers a wider range of services. I will be promoting my business on professional freelance sites such as Upwork and YunoJuno and I will also be active on LinkedIn to organically grow”


What ideally would you like your business to look like in three to five years’ time?

“Continued growth over those years, working with large international brands and working with a Priti Designs team. I would also like to be in a position to help others who are starting in the industry, whether this is in terms of investment or training. I want to give someone a chance to succeed.”


What would you tell others thinking of starting up their own business?

“I would tell them to go for it. Don’t let others tell you where you should be, you know where you want to go and how to get there. It will be difficult at points, but it is so worth it!”


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