STARTUP GURU: Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

11th August 2017 | 4 min read

neutreat1-STARTUP GURU: Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

A holiday without the guilt – now that is an appealing concept. A concept founded by Georgina Morris, called Neutreat. When her love for the great outdoors, Winter sports and food combined with her experience as a chef, manager and digital marketer, Georgina’s goal evolved into a retreat in the South of France that encompassed fitness, nutrition and beautiful surroundings.

We chat to her about how she kickstarted Neutreat, built her dream team and plans to become more eco-friendly.

1. What was your inspiration behind Neutreat?

There’s a few! The first is my passion for the countryside, mountains, and general outdoors which has meant that I find the waste in the holiday industry disappointing, especially from a food perspective. I want to do something to change this.

The second is that being 28 and living (part of the year) in London, it’s become apparent to me that a lot of my peers are struggling with purpose and direction, the quarter life crisis, I guess! The big ambitions and goals cause us to get mixed up in our day-to-day work, which in turn masks our overall perspective of progressing and enjoying life. This can lead to emotional dissatisfaction and physical burnout, resulting in lower job performance and happiness.

The solution is to take a step out to pause, reflect, energise and imagine – return feeling more rejuvenated and with more clarity. I find my headspace with my board or skis and only the mountain to answer to, but that ability to pause in the now can be found in different places for different people. I want to give people the tools to find what that thing is for them, whether it’s exercise, art, cooking, meditation, the list goes on.


2. What role do you play within Neutreat?

Neutreat is my baby! This September, I’m planning the activities, managing the accommodation and designing and cooking the menu. But, my team of two (Nat, Ricky) are supporting me, it couldn’t be done without them: Nat, the fitness instructor, is highly qualified in Pilates and will be running the fitness classes.

3. Tell us what can be expected as a guest at the retreat.

We can host up to 14 people at one time, most people book individually, but the format of the week will encourage making connections and sharing experiences with one another. Saying this, we’ve had couples as well as friends coming together too.

We supply a fully-catered service, including fresh juices and healthy, nutritious meals, even a cheeky glass of wine with dinner. Being secluded in the South of France countryside, the views and environment is breathtaking and encourages you to switch off. We have a variety of fitness classes inc guided walks, HIIT, yoga and pilates – none are mandatory. On top of these, we have massages and a relaxing atmosphere to really help you find your inner zen.

We want you to leave us feeling strong and vital in your bodies, happy and fulfilled in yourself with a renewed sense of purpose and passion to pursue your goals.

4. Talk us through your idea behind the digital detox.

We allow phones and laptops onsite, but we encourage more conscious usage of them. We do this by asking guests to leave their tech in a specified place where they have to write a reason for usage each time.

The reason being that our devices often distract us from engaging socially and living in the now. I mean, do you really need to add yet another Instagram story of your delicious-looking dinner in front of the staggering view? Or, maybe it’s better to enjoy it for what it is, in the moment… That is what we try to encourage.

5. How do you plan on being more eco-friendly?

This year it’s the little things, minimising food and power waste, packaging and buying local as much as possible. The site we’re on uses geothermal pumps to heat the pools, but longer term I plan to look for or develop sites that are ecologically sustainable from the outset.

6. What’s the future for Neutreat?

My vision is to deliver practical wellness to professionals that fits in with their busy lives. I believe everyone has the right intentions at heart, but sometimes the pace of everyday life gets in the way. So, whether that’s making a more environmentally conscious choice, learning to nurture your body or getting a little rest and clarity, I want to make it easy and enjoyable for people to do the right thing.

7. How does Neutreat differ from other relaxing retreats?

It’s tailored, practical and realistic.

8. How important do you think mind and wellness are to the workplace?

Very important! Without pausing to nurture your body and mind in this way, it’s difficult to have the clarity and confidence to pursue your dreams.