The Commuter Series: 10 Great Podcasts for Your Commute

10th November 2022 | 3 min read

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Some of us use our commute time preparing for the day ahead, maybe gearing up for a big presentation, while others use this time to decompress or learn something new.

But whatever your requirements from your journey/travel time its fair enough to say that there is probably a podcast that slots harmoniously into it. In fact, there are so many podcasts now it can be difficult to identify the best ones for you on your particular journey.

So, to help we’ve rounded up our favourite 10 podcasts to listen to on a commute, whether you’re in need of inspiration, motivation or relaxation.



The Accidental Creative 

Seeking to answer the key question – where do brilliant ideas come from? And is it possible to do great work under pressure? Host Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative and The Motivation Code books, examines how you can stay prolific and thrive in your working life, interviewing everyone from artists to business leaders to discover their secrets.

TED Podcasts

We’re all familiar with the TED Talk concept and the TED podcasts follow a similar format, giving you a bitesize guide on a host’s specialist subject, but the podcasts are split up into different categories – TED Tech, TED Business, TED Health – meaning you can tap into conversations around a specific topic of interest.

The Tim Ferriss Show

From Mark Zuckerberg to Matthew McConaughey, The Tim Ferriss Show speaks to some of the world’s best and influential leaders, experts, and performers, asking what makes them tick. You’ll hear the tips and tools that keeps each guest going, whether it’s a regimented daily schedule, favourite book, or specific morning routine.



Diary of a CEO

In honest, unfiltered conversations, host Steven Bartlett speaks to influential experts and thinkers to discover untold truths and unlearnt lessons that make up a part of their journey. This is a different kind of podcast, giving you a candid, behind the scenes interview with some of businesses most renowned personalities.

Take Command with Dale Carnegie

Leadership is a loaded word, and there are many different theories on how a leader should look and act. Take Command seeks to uncover what leadership really means in today’s society, looking at the opportunities, insights and skills that have helped others unlock the key to success.

How I Built This

Ever wondered how some of the best-known founders created their iconic brands? Join host Guy Raz as he chats to world-famous entrepreneurs about the challenges, failures and achievements that got them to where they are today.



The Economist Podcasts

If keeping your finger on the pulse of current affairs or economics is vital to your business and career, The Economist’s podcast series is probably for you. Released daily, these provide a great digest of events, major players and global affairs to keep you clued up.

The Guardian’s Today In Focus

If you’ve had your head in work all day and want to get an easy to absorb rundown of the day’s news, The Guardian’s daily Today In Focus podcast gives you all the headlines, plus the stories behind them, for a deeper understanding of the day’s events.



Ten Percent Happier

When host, journalist Dan Harris, had a panic attack on live TV, he tried something he never thought he would: meditation. In this series, Dan delves into the science, spirituality and theory of meditation, interviewing meditation teachers, top scientists, celebrities and even the Dalai Lama himself.

The Moth

Have you ever been captivated by someone telling an incredible story at a dinner party? The Moth harnesses the power of engaging storytelling by workshopping people’s genuine, this-happened-to-me stories, and broadcasting them live on the radio. They take the best of these broadcasts and turn them into a podcast – from laugh-out-loud funny to poignant tales.