Top tips for keeping a fitness and health regime going when working flexible hours

29th June 2022 | 2 min read

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By Ben Binder, founder of personalised workplace health app to help prevent future health issues, Avatraxx.

Maintaining a health journey in general is tough and bringing flexible and hybrid working into the equation can make things more complicated, but it can provide you with a better work/life balance and improve your wellbeing.

To help you maintain your health journey as your routines and way of living changes I’ve put together some advice that has helped me in the past which will hopefully also aid you.

  • Prioritise time in your diary for you

Schedule some time in your diary every day, preferably at the same time each day, to work on yourself. Whether it’s one hour in the gym or a 20 minute walk, half an hour meditating or reading a novel, setting aside this time will help deliver you with some structure to your routine and improve your overall wellbeing. We all have the time in the day to do some form of exercise or self-care, it’s just whether we choose to make this a priority.

  • Take control of your day

We can work every second of every day, but when it comes to it, is this going to benefit your health?  Ensure you take regular breaks throughout the day. Even if it’s just 10-15mins every couple of hours to do some stretching exercises or a HITT workout, as this can work wonders for your concentration and productivity, not to mention giving your eyes a rest from your computer screen.

  • Be accountable for your health and wellbeing  

Motivation is a big factor in maintaining fitness and health, especially when working flexibly. Connecting with people and sharing your journey can be a strong form of motivation and source of ideas. A friend, colleague, family member and groups are all good options when it comes to keeping you accountable.

  • Track what you do to figure out your habits

Tracking can be a game changer when it comes to creating a healthy routine. Track what you eat, how active you are and how much you are sleeping, after a few weeks you should be able to see good and bad habits through the patterns you have created. Once you figure out your habits you can start to make minor changes to optimise your day to improve your routine.

  • Finally find an office which has a gym onsite or nearby

Some offices, like LABS have gyms onsite, so why not make the most out of it? A simple ten minute stretch can change your day. LABS also provides weekly yoga and pilates sessions, which members can book on to via the LABS app.

Ben Binder provides LABS members with weekly HIIT and Yoga classes. Members can book on to the classes via the LABS app.