What Does ‘Success’ Mean To You? Designing A Life You Love By Clare Freeman

25th August 2017 | 3 min read

life-planner-11-What Does ‘Success’ Mean To You? Designing A Life You Love By Clare Freeman

What does ‘success’ mean to you?

From the big city life to yoga training in Bali to yoga & coach entrepreneur. Clare Freeman, a fellow LABS Camden member, speaks out about what we as a society deem as ‘success’ and how she’s helping professionals reach their personal goals with her yoga + coaching combo courses.

Living and breathing the City of London’s fast-paced environment seemed exciting at first. I used to be a bond fund manager which was a great job on paper, but after ten years, I felt stuck. I was constantly feeling anxious and burnt out – whilst I had achieved ‘success’ in a traditional sense, I lacked purpose. After quitting my job, my journey has only gone upwards, including moving to Bali to train as a yoga teacher, going back to university and setting up my own business. Now, I’m combining coaching with yoga to help others understand their goals and find success and happiness within themselves.


Coaching isn’t, what people sometimes think, counselling. Coaching gives you the space to pause and reflect, never looking back, but always to the future. By leaving your stress and routine behind in your session, you’ll gain clarity on your goals and learn how to achieve them. I’m there purely as a guide, offering momentum when you need it.

I combined yoga with coaching because people often join the classes for similar reasons. They want to escape the stress and find some quiet time to reflect and stretch physically and mentally. Also, I had many clients coming to my sessions still with emails to write or with a meeting to rush off to, therefore never fully focusing on themselves. Starting with yoga helps people release physical tension and allows them the mental space to explore what’s really going on for them.

My top 5 tips for staying focused on YOU:

  • Find something that allows you to switch off, ensure you book time out of your busy schedule to do it.
  • Turn off your phone to give yourself head space. On average we check our phones between 150-200 times a day which can cause a huge source of anxiety.
  • Do something regularly that changes your perspective. For me, that’s voluntary work with young people, it reminds me of how fortunate I am.
  • Don’t suffer in silence, a problem shared is a problem halved.
  • Be aware of how you talk to yourself. For every negative thought you have about yourself, it takes three positive ones just to feel neutral.

What my coaching & yoga course can do for YOU

Each session will begin with a yoga practice suitable for all levels including beginners, then move into a group coaching session where you will work on your own personal vision and goals.

Each week we will use different coaching tools and exercises to break down obstacles holding you back, set goals and review previous week’s  actions. Changes sought can relate to any aspect of life, professional or personal, where you want to see improvements or growth. It’s a small group course so perfect for those intrigued by coaching and seeking change, but more financially accessible than enrolling in private coaching.

You’ll finish the course having a clear vision of their year ahead and crucially how to get there. Overall feeling more confident, calm, positive and motivated!

Book Your Place or find out more: [email protected] / 07792698584. Prices start from £159.89 – £191.75.