LABS was created to empower and support businesses of any size; its mission is to provide the right environment for people who want to work. State-of-the-art spaces which foster innovation and productivity through the use of technology – each location is optimal for progression.

LABS will operate in the most dynamic cities in the world, all hosting a connected community and a wealth of technology. Each site is designed to spark performance, support all working styles and initiate collaboration.

A behavioural shift is happening - people are looking to replace their playful, distracting environments to somewhere which can help them build, grow and advance to reach maximum potential and success. LABS is poised to embrace that change and disrupt the current coworking norm.


Join the LABS community to work, connect and grow.

With a curated range of companies, roles and industries, you will meet people that will make a difference to your business.
What the LABS community offers:

Exclusive access and fast-track benefits to regular events. Connect with LABS members worldwide. Exchange skills, knowledge and tips with business and thought leaders. Meet investors, partners and fellow innovators.


The LABS events calendar thrives with a variety of events, from panels and talks to networking and pitching. All are curated with the best content and guests for all members and to the public. Members can also host their own events, utilising the many spaces LABS has to offer, as well as our team expertise and support.


LABS explores all things tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, creatives and business acceleration. Read fascinating stories and articles from founders, startups, corporates, industry experts, CEOs and more, depicting and debating the struggles, successes and challenges of the working world.

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Starting with London & Tel Aviv, LABS will continuously develop within the most innovative, technological cities in the world.

LABS Selected: An intuitive programme for elite members. A certain number of businesses varying in size are carefully selected every 12 months and provided with advanced tools, resources, mentoring sessions and even investment opportunities to help them grow and advance at an accelerated pace.

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Never Shared: Access your own private, dedicated network. All data is secure and stays within your company.

Never Interrupted: Dual incoming connections prevent your productivity and focus from slowing down.

Never Hacked: Experience ultimate security with a protected network designed by experts.

Technology Package

As a LABS member, you'll receive a Cloud desktop, Cloud storage, Office 365, collaboration tools, VOIP, VLAN, a conference number
and 24/7 tech support.

LABS Application

A tool built specially for members to manage their workplace. In a few taps, book meeting rooms, connect with the community, post of the job board, check events, even open doors. With new releases scheduled throughout the year and ongoing, the app will provide a unique experience within the space.