How coworking spaces can support businesses in uncertain times

28th September 2020 | 3 min read

Coworking-spaces-supporting-businesses--How coworking spaces can support businesses in uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered our normal ways of working, with the majority of people having to work from home instead of coming into the office every day. Cities and towns are now much emptier – which unfortunately has had devastating effects on the economy. Consequently businesses have suffered, with many smaller and local businesses being forced to close completely. In these uncertain times, there are ways that we can lend a hand to these businesses – one of these ways being using coworking spaces. Read on to learn more about how coworking spaces can support businesses.

The effects of the pandemic on the high street

The effects that the pandemic have had on the high street are numerous. Sadly, many pubs, cafés, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons are struggling to stay afloat without the usual surplus of office workers that they rely on for regular custom. If businesses are forced to close, the resulting job loss also has a knock-on effect for disposable income, which is bad for the economy. However, as lockdown measures have now started to lift, many of us are planning our return to the office – great news for businesses who have been missing the regular footfall of office workers over the last six months.

How coworking spaces can support businesses

For those whose office doors remain firmly shut for the time being, there are other options. Coworking spaces are a fantastic way to get out of the house and experience working in a new environment. At LABS, all our workspaces have been specially redesigned to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines to make working as safe as possible. You can work at a private desk or breakout space during the day whilst enjoying the benefits of the city, such as the numerous food and drink establishments on your doorstep. Workers returning to the city should hopefully lead to establishments being able to reopen and economic uplift as a result.

Further, it’s looking more likely that fewer businesses will be willing to commit to expensive long-term office leases. Flexible workspaces can help here as well, offering affordability, flexibility and networking opportunities. This could well be the perfect compromise between traditional office-based working practices and working from home and become the norm in the future.

The benefits of returning to the office

Not only is returning to the office good for businesses, but there are other additional benefits, too. For one thing, after such a long period of reduced socialising, returning to work gives us the chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends, enjoy face-to-face meetings, without the WiFi issues and technical glitches, and rebuild teams. An office environment has also been proven to boost productivity and improve creativity and helps us to separate work from home. Finally, having a proper desk space and office chair will do wonders for those who have spent lockdown working hunched over the kitchen table.

Supporting local businesses

Other ways you can help support businesses include shopping and eating locally rather than at large chains, spreading awareness of individual sellers over social media and word of mouth, or buying gift cards to use later in the year.