How to show your appreciation for your team

10th February 2021 | 3 min read

Festive-season-How to show your appreciation for your team

After a particularly difficult year, everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holidays and a relaxing break. Before heading off for the festive break, thanking employees for hard work should be top of every employer or manager’s to do list. Feeling appreciated is one of the top reasons employees stay in their jobs, so recognising achievements and good work at this key time of year will make employees feel valued and give them the motivation to work just as hard in the new year. Here are some top ways you can thank and show your appreciation for your team this festive season…

Organise a Christmas party

From large corporations to serviced offices, the highlight of the winter work calendar is often the Christmas party – so it’s understandable that employees might be feeling slightly gloomy and demotivated this year. In place of the usual knees-up, consider organising a virtual Christmas party for your staff, with fun themes including Christmas cocktail making, karaoke, Christmas jumper competitions and festive baking. If you work at a larger organisation, encourage each manager to plan a festive afternoon for their team for a chance to get together and do something other than Zoom meetings and spreadsheets for a few hours. Alternatively, you could promise to organise a thank you party in the new year in place of a Christmas celebration.

Give staff time off

Thanking employees for hard work is important throughout the year, but no more so than at Christmas. Many people will be finishing the year with leftover annual leave from cancelled holidays, so giving your team an afternoon off to do their Christmas shopping, a longer lunch break, or a few hours to relax and have a rest will be truly appreciated. Further, being mindful of mental health and wellbeing around the festive season and encouraging flexible working hours where possible is a fantastic way to show employees you really care.

Host an end-of-year meeting

 Gather employees together for one last time before the Christmas holidays will give the year a positive finishing note. Celebrate business wins and success stories, thank your employees for their dedication and hard work, and highlight things to look forward to and get excited about next year. Recognising individuals for particularly good work is another great way to boost motivation and productivity. You can do this via virtual meeting, or simply send out a round-up email ahead of the final working day.

Gift vouchers and care packages

 A Christmas bonus can go a long way, but there are more special ways to show team members you’re thinking of them; whether that’s a luxury hamper, some sweet treats, a gift voucher for their favourite shop, or a handwritten Christmas card. This year many people have felt isolated and disconnected from family, friends and colleagues alike, so receiving a personal gift or message in the post will help them know they aren’t alone. You could also give managers time in the new year to take their team out for a meal, with a budget to cover food and drinks.

It can be difficult to motivate employees towards the end of the year, but making staff feel valued and special will work wonders after a tough year. Think outside the box to come up with different ways to make the last few working weeks relaxing, fun and engaging, and you’re sure to have a successful new year.