Introducing PACT Coffee to LABS

31st May 2023 | 2 min read

LABSxPactCoffee_Blog-copy-1-Introducing PACT Coffee to LABS

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PACT Coffee as our coffee supplier. Our partnership with them not only signifies a commitment to offering quality products to our members but also reflects our choice to support an environmentally responsible supplier. With PACT Coffee on board, the aroma of change is brewing.


Delicious Coffee, Delivered Responsibly

At LABS, we believe fostering a vibrant and productive community is at the heart of success. We recognise the importance of good coffee in fuelling creativity, fostering connections, and driving our members’ working day. We have chosen PACT as our trusted partner to deliver an exceptional coffee experience to our members.

PACT, a pioneering company in speciality coffee, has a strong commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. They source their beans directly from farmers who are paid fair prices for their exceptional crops. By eliminating intermediaries and supporting farmers, PACT ensures a sustainable supply chain that benefits both the growers and the environment.


Enhancing our Member Experience

At LABS we are constantly striving to provide the best service and amenities to our members, and partnering with PACT helps to ensure an elevated hospitality experience. Members can look forward to indulging in the rich flavours of PACT Coffee’s carefully selected beans. Whether it’s a bold espresso to kickstart the day or a velvety latte during a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, they’ll be delivered a fantastic coffee experience, sip after sip.


Sustainability at the Core

With a focus on reducing our environmental footprint, we recognise that sustainable choices extend beyond physical spaces. By selecting PACT Coffee, we are helping to ensure that the coffee served within our workspaces is produced with eco-consciousness in mind.

PACT’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in various aspects of its operations. The company prioritises direct trade, working directly with farmers and paying fair prices to support their livelihoods. They also employ eco-friendly packaging, using fully compostable coffee bags and ensuring minimal waste throughout the supply chain. With every sip, LABS members can relish the knowledge that they are supporting fair trade practices and reducing their environmental impact.

We are proud that our partnership with PACT Coffee reflects our dedication to curating an exceptional workspace experience that values both its members and the planet.