The sound of success – why great acoustics are essential to create the perfect working environment

3rd April 2024 | 2 min read

LABS_March-21_4th-Floor_23-2-1920x1200-1-The sound of success – why great acoustics are essential to create the perfect working environment

Getting smart about acoustics isn’t just about reducing noise. It’s also the key to unlocking productivity, fostering communication, and creating a workplace that attracts and retains top talent. Here’s five reasons explaining why…

1) Boosting Productivity and Focus

We all know the struggle of trying to focus in a busy office, right? Well, good news – smart acoustics can be your saviour. By reducing background noise, you can better concentrate on the task in hand, allowing everyone to concentrate on their work without being disrupted by nearby conversations or ambient sounds. A quieter workspace means fewer interruptions, letting your team dive deep into their work and skyrocket that productivity. As Tim Oldman, CEO of Leesman, which specialises in workplace experience data says, “an employee who is dissatisfied with noise levels is almost certainly going to be an employee who is not able to report that their workplace enables them to work productively.”


2) Ensuring good communication

Successful communication is the backbone of any successful business. Poor acoustics can hinder good communication, leading to misunderstandings and decreased collaborative efforts. Spaces that are well-designed in terms of acoustics mean ideas can be exchanged with ease and communication is a breeze.


3) Keeping top talent to enhance employee wellbeing

A thoughtfully-designed office where acoustics are a priority can be a powerful tool for attracting top talent and retaining valuable employees. After all, noise pollution in the office isn’t just annoying it’s like a silent assassin: causing stress and killing the vibe. Thankfully there are a number of acoustic solutions from wall treatments to partitions and other sound-absorbing materials and clever barriers to create a comfortable place to work that gives a big boost to employee wellbeing.


4) Keeping it Confidential

In an open-office layout, maintaining privacy for confidential discussions or phone calls can be challenging. In this instance, soundproof meeting rooms, pods or partitions are the way forward to making sure sensitive conversations remain confidential. As well as complying with any industry-specific or general building regulations come to that, this can foster a feeling of security, reassurance and trust among employees.


5) Reducing Stress and Fatigue

High noise levels contribute to increased stress and fatigue among employees with chronic exposure linked to burnout and serious health conditions. According to 2019 research from Oscar Acoustics, 30% of UK workers feel stressed because of noise and that nearly a fifth have poor sleep as a result. But fear not, noise-cancelling solutions are here to save the day, creating a calm oasis where stress levels drop, and overall well-being rises.


So there you have it – acoustics aren’t just about muffling noise; they’re the unsung heroes shaping your office. They impact productivity, communication, employee happiness, and your talent pool. Now that’s what we call the sound of success!