Why Business Collaborations are Your Golden Ticket in 2024

27th February 2024 | 3 min read

Why Business Collaborations are Your Golden Ticket in 2024

By definition, a collaboration is when two or more brands or businesses come together to create something they couldn’t have created on their own.

The benefit is therefore within the definition; collaborations give your business something new. And in a market where innovation is rapid and the fight for client attention is fierce, consumers love to see businesses working together in surprising ways.

Customers like to see collaborations because they demonstrate an active focus on creativity and connection. The thought that companies are looking outside of their own four walls to connect with other businesses, be inspired and support each other resonates with people. There’s something innately positive about it, which is one of the many reasons it’s a powerful tool.

Here are the benefits of running collaborations and why they need part of your plans in 2024:

Business Development  

Collaborations can be a powerful tool to help develop your business in big and small ways. 

Everyday things like collaborating on social content, strategic referrals, cross promotion; the list goes on. Up to bigger ideas like joining forces to develop new products and services. Whether it’s an exclusive range of something (ie Brewdog x Candy Kittens) or it could be a completely new offering. 

Drive Sales

Hopefully a benefit from acting on all the possibilities of the above! Collaborations can open up your business offering and your network, in turn driving more sales.

New Connections

Working with a different team in another business is always valuable; hearing their ideas, perspectives and experiences. You’re also building relationships with people who will now champion you in their networks.

Reach New Audiences 

By collaborating with another business you’re getting access to their audience. So think about a company who has an audience you want to connect with, in turn strategically boosting your brand awareness and client pool.

Demonstrate Your Brand Values 

A great way to show what you stand for is by aligning with and working with someone else who champions those same values.

Low Cost

Sharing ideas, connections, cross promoting each other, working on content, designing an offering together… you don’t need to spend big money to do these things well.

Whilst the benefits are clear, it’s easy to be lazy when it comes down to the execution. Collaborations are a chance to be creative and surprise and delight your audiences, so consider all the different types:

Content Creation: You could co-create social content together to highlight a specific message or educate your audience.

New Products & Services: As explained above, you could collaborate to create a new offering.

Competitions: Coming together to promote one another with a competition or incentive.

Events & Workshops: Teaming up to run a one-off or a series of experiences for your audiences.

Strategic Partnerships: Setting up a formal agreement for sharing and passing business to each other. This varies hugely, but it could be agreeing special rates for each other as preferred partners, or perhaps setting up a referral scheme and fee.

Sharing Contacts & Networking: Simple but effective. Sharing relevant contacts that you know would benefit from introductions.

To summarise, the benefits of collaborations are hard to ignore. From measurable results like new revenue opportunities to unmeasurable but important outcomes like the buzz of working with new people, there’s so much potential to unlock.

At the end of the day, collaborations connect us to others to get creative and build opportunities where we all win, so what are you waiting for?

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