Grow your business with an Inspiring LABS hot desking space

The LABS hot desking membership offers ultimate flexibility to businesses for just £300 per month. Hot desk in a LABS coworking location you love with barista-made coffee, fresh food from a seasonal menu, and a feel good soundtrack to keep you motivated.

The world is waking up to how hot desking can benefit a business. It started with workplaces that enhance that infamous ‘startup culture’. Often featuring ping pong tables and free beer taps on demand. Nowadays, we’re seeing a shift. People need to ‘graduate’ their business. They need sophistication, opportunities, advice, and a productive culture. Somewhere their businesses and employees can grow (or continue with) their success. This is where LABS comes in.

Hot desking facilities at LABS

Facilities at each LABS site include:

  • unlimited access to every LABS business lounge
  • meeting rooms
  • event invitations
  • a spot in the LABS community

How do we provide this sophisticated environment? Through technologically-led design, learning opportunities, workshops, talks and seminars, and inspiring settings. Also, an engaged, global community that connects through the LABS app and a variety of events.

LABS locations

Our locations in London are becoming thriving campuses in Holborn and Camden. This is to create a more connected community of entrepreneurs, creatives, founders, and industry leaders.

Hogarth House, Holborn:

Boasts seven floors of private office and hot desking space, a lounge, meeting rooms, and event space. Hogarth House has hosted clients such as Nike, Spotify, IBM, and Twitter, plus Creative Mornings and General Assembly for events. It’s a popular location due to being in the centre of Holborn and hosting such a variety of events. Visit our virtual tour if you are interested in learning more about LABS Holborn.

Atrium, Camden:

Overlooking Camden Market, Atrium is a ten-minute walk from Camden Town Station. Featuring beautiful hot desking spaces, a cafe, bar and event space. LABS collaborated with celebrated designer, Tom Dixon, to build this contemporary site. Click here for our visual tour of LABS Camden.

Triangle, London:

In the heart of Camden Market lies this stylish building. With plenty of natural light and a stunning view of Camden, Triangle offers one of the most inspirational workspaces in London. Designed by Tom Dixon and featuring floor-length windows, Triangle doesn’t lack character.

LABS technology

A big part of any LABS membership is the app. Access the speedy Wi-Fi, order your lunch, book and pay for your meeting room, find the best talent, even purchase your hot desking membership, all through the app. It’s a productivity tool that elevates the way you work.

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Hot Desking
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Benefits of hot desking

A hot desking membership at LABS offers the perfect balance of flexibility, culture, and productivity at £300 per month. No strings, no contract. Just a place to grow your business.

LABS Hot Desking in Camden

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