How the physical workspace improves productivity

21st November 2023 | 2 min read

People working in co-working spaces in Holborn London.

From having those vital pre- and post-meeting chats in person to collaborative catch ups to mentoring moments, we explore why being present in the office, particularly a well-designed shared office space like LABS can have huge productivity benefits. 

In today’s fast-paced world, remote work has become the norm for many of us. We’ve adapted to virtual meetings, mastered the art of the Zoom and teams call, and found comfort in our home offices. While remote work certainly has its advantages, there’s something undeniably special about being present in the office, especially in a well-designed shared office space like LABS.  


Face-to-Face Connections:  

One of the most significant advantages of being in the office is the ability to have face-to-face interactions with colleagues. Those vital pre- and post-meeting chats can build stronger working relationships and can lead to creative solutions and stimulate alternative perspectives. 


Collaborative Catchups:  

In a physical, private office space like LABS, collaborative catch-ups are a breeze. Whether it’s bouncing off each other to brainstorm ideas, working together on a project, or simply having impromptu discussions, the office environment fosters a collaborative spirit that can be challenging to recreate virtually. 


Mentoring Moments: 

For those early in their careers, being in the office can be a goldmine of mentorship opportunities. In-person interactions with experienced colleagues can lead to valuable advice, career insights, and professional growth. The mentor-mentee relationship thrives in a face-to-face setting. 


Enhanced Work-Life Balance: 

Surprisingly, being in the office can contribute to a healthier work-life balance. When you leave the office, you physically detach from work, allowing you to recharge and spend quality time with family and friends. Studies have shown that this clear separation of work and personal life can lead to increased overall well-being and happiness. 


Access to Resources: 

Shared office spaces like LABS often come with a plethora of resources and amenities that can boost productivity. From high-speed internet and cutting-edge technology to fully stocked kitchens and fitness centres, these facilities are designed to support your work needs and promote a comfortable and efficient workday. 


Professional Atmosphere: 

 The ambience of a well-designed office can significantly impact your motivation and productivity. LABS, for instance, is known for its stylish, modern design that creates an inspiring and professional atmosphere. It’s a workspace where you can feel motivated and empowered to tackle your tasks.