How AI Supercharges Productivity

8th November 2023 | 2 min read

How tech can save individuals and companies time and money

The first in our productivity series of blogs looks at ways in which tech can save individuals and companies time and money

AI has dominated the headlines in recent months with its potential to help in industries as varied as fashion forecasting, songwriting and making perfume. We look at its multiple uses in terms of allowing people to be more productive as well as enhancing customer satisfaction.


Clever customer-focussed hacks

Imagine having a crystal ball for your customer’s needs – AI-powered predictive analytics can do just that. From operations to marketing, an array of business functions can then benefit from a productivity boost in terms of more easily anticipating customer preferences and inventory needs by making highly informed decisions that minimise risks, maximise opportunities and achieve competitive advantage.


Let’s all chat

Customer service has been revolutionised by automated chat facilities available to tackle simple queries and freeing up humans to deal with more complex solutions. Working to ever-more sophisticated prompts, chatbots and virtual assistants can quickly ascertain problems and swiftly triage solutions. This means the customer enjoys a quicker, more personalised service and the organisation avoids more costly, labour-intensive contact channels such as telephone or email.


Admin streamlined

Say goodbye to the days of tedious scheduling, data entry, and document management! AI-powered tools can handle these more mundane, time-consuming tasks which then frees up people’s time to be focussed on more strategic and creative elements of their job.


Mind your language

From catching pesky typos to offering up increasingly sophisticated transcription services like Otter, AI ensures your language skills are always on point. Services like Grammarly go the extra mile by offering suggestions to enhance your writing while keeping a keen eye on punctuation and grammar. The applications are wide-ranging, from crafting compelling business proposals to perfecting marketing pitches.


Next gen generative content

Not only can AI pick up on language errors, but it can also produce prose of its own. If you haven’t used Chat GPT or Google’s Bard, what are you waiting for? And the more we interact with it, the more it ‘learns’ through the process of generative content. Fortunately for those in the content business, for now it still needs a guiding human hand in terms of fact checking and avoiding plagiarism, so consider it a collaborative writing tool.


In a nutshell, AI is a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionise productivity, enabling organisations to work smarter not harder. AI could be a game-changer for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s digital age and embracing it could be the defining investment for staying ahead of the curve.