How to combat loneliness in London

26th September 2023 | 3 min read

How to combat loneliness in London

Bright ideas for banishing feelings of isolation in London


With phrases like ‘friend recession’ cropping up more and more it’s clear that we are finding it harder and harder to make and sustain meaningful connections. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) even has some startling figures to back this up. According to its research, a quarter of all adults reported feeling lonely always, often, or some of the time, up slightly from the previous period, with the proportion rising to 30% for those aged 30 to 49.

The UK capital can be a particularly lonely city with factors such as friends and family being more geographically spread out in the conurbation of Greater London and the high cost of living meaning people have less disposable income for going out and socialising. Fortunately there are some ways to meet new people that won’t break the bank.


Swipe right for friendship and professional connection

Though Bumble might at first be associated with finding romantic partners, there are a few other sides to the app. Bumble Bizz is a way to make professional connections and operates in a similar way to the dating version, but anyone can make the first move. Similarly, by flipping to Bumble BFF mode, you can make new platonic friends. Other social apps include Meet Up, Meet Me and even good old Facebook has local community groups to look up.


Coworking spaces: more than just a desk

Lockdowns showed that when confined to the four walls of our own homes, loneliness can easily creep in. This is where the physical workplace can come to the rescue as we often form strong bonds with our colleagues in the office. According to a 2023 American survey over three quarters of people have a close friend at work. Beyond providing a bright and welcoming place to work, coworking spaces offer a sense of community where remote workers, entrepreneurs and teams come to share ideas, redefining the way Londoners combat loneliness.


Take another look at LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just an online CV, it’s a goldmine of connections waiting to be explored. If you want to beat loneliness in a big city like London, LinkedIn can provide the perfect bridge to a thriving network of professionals The magic of the platform is not only the ability to connect you with people you might never have crossed paths with otherwise but also professional possibilities from grabbing a virtual coffee with someone senior in your industry to participating in webinars.


Take the plunge at networking events

Invites in your inbox and intranet-advertised events are just a few ways that connections can be just a click away. Networking, either in person or if need be, virtually is a brilliant way of broadening your professional horizons. Forging connections in this way has never been more accessible or empowering.

In summary, loneliness might cast its shadow over the London skyline but both physical and digital spaces can offer a haven of camaraderie in the capital.