Introducing our new group of Camden-based entrepreneurs

8th September 2022 | 6 min read

Camden entrepreneurs

We’re pleased to be welcoming our second cohort of local entrepreneurs, who have been selected to join LABS through our collaboration with Camden Council and will be based in LABS Atrium.

If you are interested in meeting any of our exciting, new entrepreneurs, please email us on [email protected]


Bob’s Your Uncle Research

Matt Kirby’s marketing consultancy, Bob’s Your Uncle Research, helps companies develop their brand, marketing and communications strategies via qualitative research.

With a global client base spanning the UK and as far as Sweden, Brazil and China, Matt’s business specialises in ethnographic approaches, targeted interviews, focus groups and more to develop a nuanced understanding of products and/or services within their relevant market.





Sara Teramo is a freelance character designer, concept artist and illustrator for film, video games and animation. Through an interdisciplinary approach, she has experience creating fully-realised character designs for a range of mediums from initial ideation and storyboarding through to development and final design, in addition to illustrating for books, magazines, social media.

Also, an accomplished fine artist, Sara is working on creative collaborations with local Camden art galleries for future projects. View her work on




This electronic tool enables anyone with a physical disability (including those with paralysis), to independently write and draw. Created by Pete Barr, the Enayball holds traditional art equipment, such as pens and paintbrushes, making them accessible to those that are impaired. The highly versatile product can be utilised in numerous ways, such as attached to a wheelchair, or used by hand, to enable synchronicity through movement to draw and create the intended outcome of the user.

Pete’s business manufactures the product that enables those with physical disabilities and/or are neuro-divergent to express themselves creatively, but he is also aiming to build a platform that hosts physical and digital events to show the work created by those using it, giving them representation in the art community.

Overall, Pete’s objective is to make Enayball an industry leader for creative, accessible tools, but more importantly, he wants to promote and increase visibility for underrepresented people and artists, therefore challenging stigma in the arts.


LISA (London Inclusion Sports Academy)

This academy has been formed by Thomas Coughlan to empower other inclusive sports organisations to achieve their goals in widening access for people who may not find mainstream sports accessible.

Its three key areas of support are pitch delivery, community engagement and technology, however, LISA also assists with governance, business development, branding, operations and more. This ensures inclusive sports networks have the tools and resources to manage their organisations as efficiently as possible, enabling them to focus on delivering the most engaging experience possible for their members.

LISA has already established relationships with organisations such as the North London Special League, London Strollers and intends to grow its partners exponentially over the next few years.


The Litical Consultancy

Consultant, podcaster and journalist Helen Femi Williams works at the intersections of diversity and inclusion, fintech and politics. She’s the founder of the Litical Consultancy, which works with financial institutions and multi-national businesses to anticipate and assess policy that will have a material impact on race, exploitation and intersectionality.

She also hosts the letsgetlitical podcast, a fortnightly politics and pop culture show that interviews guests from all sides of the political spectrum to further dissect local and global current affairs. Additionally, she covers the fintech sector for publications such as This Week in Fintech, Lendit, and Your Juno platforms.

She uses her professional ecosystem to improve innovation and communication around these subjects while influencing public policy to reduce the systemic barriers marginalised groups may face in the wider world.



Muya is a drinks brand founded by Tsedaye Selassie that specialises in upcycling coffee plant waste such as the leaves and husk cherries to make enticing, tea-based beverages through a sustainable manufacturing process.

In addition to plastic-free, recyclable and recycled packaging materials used whenever possible, Muya Coffee increases its social impact by harvesting the by-products from the coffee plant all year round, providing an additional revenue stream for the farmers during the off-season (coffee bean harvest typically only lasts a few months a year).

Packed with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Muya products can help to support the immune system through its anti-inflammatory properties and comes in a range of flavours to suit all tastes.


Priti Designs

Digital designer Priti Depala has founded her own consultancy, Priti Designs, to help individuals and start-ups connect with their ideal clients. She specialises in creating a range of branding solutions and visual communication tools to bring brand stories and messages to life.



Visible is a deep privacy/tech startup founded by Kerem Kocaer, Ben Graville and Ed Hughes that enables users to have greater control over their digital footprint and online presence. By providing real-time information of your data-trails, Visible will arm you with the knowledge that gives insight into how others view you online, what stories your data tells the world and how it can impact your real life.

Data and information privacy is a complex and rapidly evolving subject with new technologies and legislation frequently being created to better regulate, protect or undermine our rights to privacy. Yet, for the general public there is still a lack of understanding and limited options to be given a true visibility of our personal data.

As cybersecurity specialists themselves, the co-founders of Visible have created a secure and accessible platform to provide greater understanding to the masses while keeping your data as safe as possible.


Well Fruited

Founded by Ben Kaye and Alex Williams, Well Fruited, a food and beverage startup dedicated to creating the most nutritious juice drink on the market, seeks to address one of the most problematic issues surrounding nutrition – that most of us do eat enough fruit and vegetables in our diets.

At Well Fruited, they do not juice or press fruit like most other drinks companies, as this process removes much of the nutritional content that we need. Instead, each bottle only contains water and two whole edible portions of fruit, meaning each drink has a higher-than-average fibre content that aids healthier, slower sugar absorption by the body.

However, Kaye and Williams’ goals extend beyond the product itself. The company also seeks to educate and raise awareness of nutrition and how it can be improved through community events for their consumers.


Young Parent’s Consultancy

Harriet Williams was empowered to start the Young Parent’s Consultancy after experiencing the challenges of being a teenage parent herself. The stigma, barriers accessing support services and the difficulties of returning to work and education are issues still holding back teenage parents today which led her to create educational resources and workshops to help navigate these issues and aide those that do choose young parenthood to thrive.

Harriet works extensively as researcher, public speaker, course leader and educator on the topic of young parenthood in a range of formats and environments. She also supplements this work through content and editorial writing for websites, newspapers and social media channels, whilst building her own social media profile to act as a role model for others who have had similar experiences.