The LABS Members Survey

20th January 2022 | 1 min read

Survey-Findings_Header_05-The LABS Members Survey

We highly value the feedback we receive from our members and decided to ask them to let us know what is important to them and their business.

This is what they told us.

LABS members let us know what is important to them and their business.

“It is clear that flexibility and choice (for occupiers and employees) are key components of our new, emerging culture of work,” Matt Watts, Chief Commercial Officer of LABS, said commenting on the results of the survey.

“At LABS, we specialise in meeting the needs of the modern worker through the provision of unrivalled amenities and thoughtfully designed spaces, and these results validate just how vital the office is as a tool for growth and employee wellbeing for organisations. It also indicates the importance of creating a flexible workplace model that empowers people to choose the best place for their work, whilst cultivating thriving cultures for creativity, innovation and success.

“This survey conducted by LABS provides further insight into its members workplace needs, its strategic importance in their working lives and how people are feeling about the office after nearly two years of upheaval caused by the pandemic.

“47% citing colleague relationships as being the most important aspect of the workplace to them is particularly salient – it reiterates the fact that face-to-face contact is still both necessary and vital for our wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom may have revolutionised the way we work, but long-term success can only be achieved by balancing virtual convenience with meaningful experiences in the real world.”