Five key design movements to look out for in 2022

3rd February 2022 | 2 min read

Five key design movements to look out for in 2022

2021 has further accelerated the evolution of home and workplace design to build on the way in which we are adapting to new ways of working and the need for us all to be more considerate of the world we are living in.

Looking ahead to 2022 here are five design movements to watch out for in 2022 from Yaara Gooner, head of design at LABS and LabTech.


Stainless Steel

A low-maintenance material that’s highly durable and incredibly versatile, stainless steel can be shaped and moulded to accommodate many different needs and surfaces, delivering a fresh and sharp feel to any space it’s used in. It’s strong sustainability credentials, as it’s highly recyclable, and easily cleanable nature, can help maintain the hygiene of the surrounding environment, making it an increasingly popular material of choice for workspace interiors in 2022.

Key design movements to look out for in 2022

Combining contrasting materials/surfaces

During the next year we will see more exploration of the relationship between textures, colours, geometries and forms to deliver inspiring and unique spaces. Following this, we are likely to see more research that will further investigate how balance and good proportions are achieved through a considered mix of warmer and cooler materials, in addition to a varied use of surfaces and textiles.


Natural Materials

The ongoing emphasis on health and wellbeing and our impact on the environment, will cause further growth in the desire to invest in natural, recyclable or recycled materials that are both responsibly and locally sourced and used with honesty in the new year.


Creating intimacy in public spaces

Particularly in urban environments, we are continuously looking at how larger, open plan spaces can be divided into more intimate, comfortable areas where people can be at their most productive, while also being a part of the surrounding buzzing environment.

Semi-private booths such as the below tend to be our most popular and most used spaces. They allow people to work independently while still feeling apart of the wider office environment. Spaces that are simultaneously open but enclosed always add value to workplace environments due to their flexibility.

Five design movements to look out for in 2022 with LABS

Emphasis on Timelessness

Trends are becoming less trendy. People and businesses are more and more willing to invest in products and designs that stand the test of time, as everyone looks to reduce their carbon footprint. This will see classic shapes; forms and materials return in a positive and creative way in different combinations and new formats. This includes a return to classic furniture and iconic design pieces of the past – their beauty and elegance will always remain relevant.