How to utilise your workplace tech to incorporate a hybrid working environment

14th July 2022 | 3 min read

meeting room small

By Faye Patterson, Project Sales Manager at Runtech Group

Adapting to new ways of working has been a huge theme for businesses and continues to be top of many companies’ agendas.  It has though come with the realisation that to embrace more flexible working patterns it is imperative to invest in office technology to ensure employees can work effectively even if teams are split between the office, home or other locations across a towns, cities, countries, or continents.

Here are some useful tips and products to help you and your firm to more successfully do this.


Great for those wanting a quiet space to work, attend online seminars, or meet one-on-one. These small meeting rooms or booths, also allow for collaborative work and catch ups with those working remotely that day without the worry of disturbing others around you.

For these smaller spaces workplace tech solutions such Logitech Connect or Neat Frame are ideal. Affordable and portable, Logitech Connect has been purposely designed for use in small spaces with a premium lens quality, so you’re always ready for your next video conference call, whilst Neat Frame, a relatively new all-in-one compact product, has been optimised for hybrid working, featuring auto framing and 8x zoom. Both are ideal for huddle spaces and those on the go.


One of the main issues with adopting hybrid working practises is not knowing or being able to keep track of who will be in the office and when. This can make it hard for facilities managers to monitor the utilisation of offices by employees and effectively plan budgets.

To help deal with this issue there is GoBright desk booking, software that has been created to support a workplace that demands flexibility. It incorporates a desk management solution that allows employees to book a specific desk anytime, anywhere from a mobile app, promoting efficient use of your workspace.

Another option if you’re looking to monitor and effectively book more than desks would be Crestron flex scheduling, a platform devised to keep your organisation moving smoothly, and smartly. Enabling you to book the right spaces with the right tech for your needs that day. The data it collates from its booking system can also inform your company of the most in demand spaces within the office enabling you to make informed adjustments to your workplace to ensure it’s used effectively and productively.


Building on getting smarter with your office space, it’s worth examining how to make you workspaces more multifunctional, equipping them with versatile tech solutions to ensure they support your business’s needs can help achieve this. For example, if you’re a research company, having spaces that encourage collaboration between different teams is essential.

Products such as Clevertouch UX Pro enables employees to share content from any device with the ability to annotate on screen wherever they are, which is perfect for visual brainstorming, while the Nureva HDL series allows for continuous autocalibration, giving you the ability to turn your boardroom into a training room for remote participants. Additionally, this solution has Microphone Mist™ technology, allowing you to move freely around the room without a worry of remote participants being unable to hear you.

Additionally, for larger event-type spaces there is DTEN D7 Dual, which can provide a more immersive meeting experience and comes with a whiteboard and annotate display, as well as a display for remote participants, allowing everyone to be seen and heard as if they are all in the same room.


To speak to Runtech about the products mentioned by Faye above email [email protected].